The Game Art & Design of Kyle Conlan Aronson

Currently Working On…

Warlords of Draenor

Day of Defeat: Source Maps

Tools: Hammer World Editor
Status: Released 2007

Control Point Version

Objective Version (3v3 Tournament)

Allied forces have been using a french chateau winery as a temporary stronghold. As the Axis forces try to eliminate the allied base, reinforcements from both sides fight to secure the estate and surrounding area.

Control Point Map
(based on the layout of dod_chemille)

As the war seems to be coming to an end, Axis and Allied forces fight to control the city of Coire.

Necromancer Marines From Char! 4 Player Co-Op Campaign

Tools: SC2 Galaxy Editor
Status: Beta

4 Player Co-Op Zombie-Raising Campaign!

You and your friends play as four infected brothers who have returned home from war to find everything they’ve known wiped out by an undead plague from another time! Aid the Aspect of Time in saving your planet from falling to invaders from a far away land. Unlock new minions and abilities as you fight back against Lich minions as they try to take control of nearby weapons facilities and an ancient Protoss temple. Recruit hidden allies to join your army of skeletons, undead marines and rotting boars.

-One to Four player story with varying difficulty levels
-Unlockable abilities
-Dozens of scripted events
-Following and rotating camera that directs gameplay
-Hidden allies to unlock
-World of Warcraft character models
-Large explorable environment with branching paths to choose from

All characters and content are property of Blizzard Entertainment.

Art Assets

Models, Textures and Map

Tools: Photoshop, Softimage XSI, Maya 2012
Status: Released with dod_Twilight and dod_Daybreak, and unreleased

Chaos Legions! (protoype)

Status: On Hold

A chaotic fast paced shooter that never ends. Randomly generated enemies made from hundreds of pieces keep coming at you across modular environments.

2D Concepts

all images are property of Kyle Conlan Aronson.